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Hi! I'm Cady, owner of Enjoy Essential, and this is my amazingly supportive husband Matt and the dog we are obsessed with, Crash.
I started making iron-on onesies as a hobby back in November 2013. To my amazement, sales started rolling in. I love graphic design and design everything myself, so it was exciting to see people wanting MY designs! When my Etsy sales started to grow and grow, I knew it was time to start having the shirts screenprinted and get my own dot com. Within a month, I was able to quit my job in marketing and do this full-time. It's been such a fun journey to see my business evolve from where it was then to what it is now. I design my own shirts, I select the garments they're printed on, I do all my own social media and emails, and I personally package every single order. When you buy from EE, you are literally supporting me and I appreciate each and every one of you.
Click here to be taken to the shirt that started it all!
In January 2015, I wanted to find a way to use my ever-growing platform for something bigger. I felt like cancer research and organizations in Africa and other third world countries get the most attention; my hometown is riddled with poverty and I wanted the help to be close to home. I came up with the "one shirt sold = one meal donated" program, which is literally that- at the end of each month I count how many shirts sold and I buy that many meals. I then choose a local organization here in Northern California that are in need of non-perishables. Here are a few of the organizations we work with regularly:
Mission Solano
Heart 2 Heart Network for Emancipated Youth